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Vietnam is a bold, dynamic canvas on which a vibrant image is rapidly emerging ; an image that is unique in the world and full of contradictions and surprises. This vision of change is reflected in every facet of the nation.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) :
Known as the commercial hub Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has traded bicycles for motorbikes and roared its way into the 21st century. Ho Chi Minh City is a fascinating blend of the modern and the traditional, making it more a place to “be” than a place to “see”. Get on the back of a motorbike taxi just for the sake of being in amongst it all, or just relax and watch Vietnam change, right before your eyes – those are the moments that you’ll will treasure when your overseas study experience is just a memory.

When you feel like getting out of the city for a break, there are plenty of places to go. Catch e ferry to Vung Tau for a beach fix or a new take on Vietnam’s night scene. Do a homestay in the Mekong Delta or head to Cu CHI for a day to explore the tunnels and learn more about the fascinating history of the Vietnam/American war.

Hanoi : Referred by the Lonely Planet as “the grand old dame of the Orient” Hanoi is a city of tradition and robust culture.

Hanoi is a great jumping off point for exploring Northern Vietnam, which contains some of the country’s most famous sights. Halong Bay, recently voted one of the new seven wonders of the world, or Cat Ba Island, a paradise for outdoorsy types, and indulge in hiking, rock climbing or kayaking.

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