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Regno Unito

Education has always been of prime importance in the UK and it is still one of the most popular destinations for international students in the world.

It really is a top destination with an ever increasing number of students joining institutions of academic excellence, offering unequalled degrees and qualifications.

Etudier à Londres

In fact UK Universities offer an ever wider range of courses and the qualifications are recognised all over the world. The UK system is really organised to encourage initiative and creativity and give students the sense of responsibilty.

The UK has developed into one of the most cosmopolitan societies in the world and combined with its history and culture, this makes it a great place to live and study. Of course as English is recognised as the language of business and communication, what better place to live and learn.

Etudier au Royaume Uni

Tuition costs have increased recently, but for real value for money, the UK is still unbeatable.

International students can also work up to 20 hours per week and it is still reasonably easy to find a part time job, despite the general economic climate.

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