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Germany is an inspiring country and is often considered as the perfect educational and industrial model, even in today’s environment.

Germany offers a wide range of educational opportunities and many programmes are proposed in English.

Of course English is widely spoken too, but many universities offer summer schools to learn German and introduce you to the German way of life.

The quality of education combined with the very high academic standards, make Germany a prime destination for study and research.

Etudier en Allemagne

It is perfectly situated in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible from all over the world. The lifestyle and standard of living are one of the best in Europe. Education costs are very reasonable and often less expensive than expected.

As Germany is one of the worlds leading economic players with a reputation for technical excellence, it also offers opportunities in leading MNCs and internships are often paid.

Concerning visas, there is minimum documentation and no financial declaration required. Students can also stay for one year after the completion of their study programme.

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